CSBC Priorities are to increase and accelerate the development and influence of green, sustainable and community based businesses and industries. This is achieved through:

  • Advocacy
  • Coalition Building
  • Promoting Green and Sustainable Business & Innovation
  • Building Cross-sector Membership and Collaboration


Opportunities to network within the business, political and nonprofit/advocacy communities include seminars, business conferences, receptions, workshops and conferences. CSBC has been a co-sponsor of several conferences in partnership with organizations such as the Institute for Local Self Reliance; Institute for Policy Studies; National Community Reinvestment Coalition and others.


As capacity and collaborations evolve, CSBC will be building out a Sustainable Business directory to promote growing sustainable business community. We also will be engaging social media outlets and other forms of publicity to increase visibility. If you have suggestions on how to amplify our message and outreach, please contact us.


CSBC has the support and input from hundreds of cross-sector organizations, thought leaders and change agents. Part of our strength is working with a broad coalition of leaders and business innovators. We encourage interested allies to join our efforts in any of the following capacities:

  • Board of Directors
  • Advisory Board
  • Committee Members
  • Special Events and Projects Volunteers


In its short history, CSBC has been able to achieve the following:

Policy Advocacy: Min Wage, anti-fracking; sick leave; anti-corporate welfare, Pro- Environment policies, expansion of Alternative Energy industries; Opposed Pepco-Exelon Merger, Provided Testimony, Op Eds, Panel and Conference Speaking engagements

Organizing: Initialed several round table initiatives; conferences, co-sponsored workshop, summits and working groups; engaged several hundred organizations for future initiatives

Leadership Development: over 50 renowned and successful change agents and thought leader advisers; developed a distribution list of 5000+ businesses and leaders

Initiatives: Better Economy for All Project (work in progress) - coalition building effort to merge cross-sectoral coalitions and collaborations for a more cohesive New Economy agenda.